8 Unique Short Moral Stories For Kids


We all have enjoyed a lot listening to some amazing short moral stories from our grandpa, grandma when we were kids I am sure you would all agree with this. These stories were fun to listen to and at the same time added some meaningful lessons for us to implement in our real life. One of my favorite moral stories which I enjoyed a lot was “The Crystal Ball” I would love to listen what’s  your favorite moral story .  in this article I have highlighted around 8 unique short moral stories for kids to enjoy and gain valuable lessons from it. Let’s take a glance at each interesting moral stories listed below:

                                                 8 Unique Short Moral Stories for kids 

 1. When Adversity Knocks:  this is the story about how adversity is kept differently by different people. once upon a time there was a girl named Annie who lived with her mother and father in a small town. one day her father handed over her a small task. he took three vessels that were filled with boiling water. he placed the egg in one vessel, a potato in the second one and some tree leaves in the third vessel. he told Annie to keep watch on all the three vessels for about 10 -15 minutes as the ingredients kept boiling inside the vessel, after few minutes her father asked her to peel the potatoes and eggs and strain the tea leaves, she was left surprised to complete three tasks at the same time, Annie knew her father was testing her skills to handle different work together.

Moral of the Story: we should use our skills To Handle Different Situation 

2. An Apple Tree and our Parents : A few years back there was a huge apple tree. a very small boy used to come near the tree and play every day he was in the search of juicy apples. The Tree Too was happy seeing this little bundle of joy playing and having fun. But one day the tree was in little surprise to see that the boy was sad. The Tree said the boy to play around it but the boy refused to play and said he is no more kid now he needs toys to play, Tree told the boy that it does not have the money to buy toys but can use his apples to sell them and buy the toys the little boy desires for . the boy was happy and he took all the apples and bought many toys. days passed by but there were no signs of the boy coming near the tree, one fine he came back and asked that he need a house for shelter, the tree gently replied I don’t have a house but you can chop my branches for shelter. the man was again happy and chopped all the branches of the tree. The man again came back after many years and was very, he wanted to relax, the tree calmly replied that it has nothing to give to him, just sit beside me and rest. The old man sat, the tree was happy seeing this.

Moral of the Story: we should never leave our parents in difficult times, they will satisfy all our needs and desires no matter how old we are.

 3.Haste makes Waste: Long Time Back A woman had a pet named Mongoose. she treated him like a family and he was very faithful to her as well .one fine day the lady went to the market to purchase something for her baby and left the baby home so that mongoose can take care of him. Few minutes after a big cobra entered the house, mongoose got scared but with his power, he killed cobra after long and dangerous Fight, when the woman came back from the market she saw the mongoose mouth was covered with blood all around, she got worried and scared and had thought the mongoose has killed her baby. in her panic and not understanding the truth she threw a water pot on the mongoose and killed it when she moved inside the house she  got scared again seeing her baby playing cheerfully with toys. The woman couldn’t control her emotions and shed with tears in her eyes in the loss of her pet mongoose.

Moral of the Story :one should not get panic and angry without knowing the actual truth of the situation Otherwise the results can be Dangerous and Hurting.

 4. The oak Tree and the Reeds: once upon a time there was a huge oak tree who use to stand tall and strong near the bank of the river and very close to some reeds. The Tree was very big with a huge trunk and hundreds of powerful and strong branches the tree was very proud of himself and considered superior of all because of its characteristics. nothing can destroy his power. The reeds besides the tree were fed-up listening to the proudly worlds the oak say to himself daily , one day the reeds in humble way advised the tree not to keep pride as nothing in the world is immortal , if u are honest you will be respected . the oak tree wisely commented nothing could defeat me , not even the strongest storm . suddenly the wind starting rising in order to save themselves the little reeds bow there heads to survive , the oak tree started laughing at them . the reeds had believed they would survive in any case, the wind started becoming more powerful and turned into hurricane, the oak tree was in worried now and this strongest storm broke the tree and his pride and the tree  fell into the river. The oak tree starting crying and understood of never becoming proud of anything in life.

 Moral of the Story: one should never become proud of anything in life, being humble is only key to Survive.

 5. Elephant and his Friends: This is the story about a Long Big Elephant who is looking for making some friends in the forest. First, he came across a monkey and asked to become his friends. The monkey denied as the elephant was very big and couldn’t swing on the trees. Then he met the rabbit and asked him to become his friends, the rabbit rejected his friend's proposal as he was very big to fit inside his burrow. The next day he saw Fox but fox also denied being his friend because of his size. Suddenly all the animals were in fear as they saw the tiger was coming to attack them. The elephant wanted to save the other weak animals who he wanted to make his friends seeing no other option, The elephant kicked the tiger. All animals took relived as they were successfully survived  from the Tiger. All the animals were united again and told the elephant to be the right choice of their friendship.

 Moral of the Story :one should neve judge someone by there Shape and Size.

 6. The Empty Pot: This is one of the most popular stories of Chinese children’s moral storybooks written by Demi. once upon a time there was an emperor who was in the search of an honest and true successor. so in order to find the best successor for his kingdom he had given a small task to the children as he loves to plant trees he has given each person seed and told them to return after one year with a blooming plant. everyone got the blooming plant after one year but it was the trick of the emperor to find the honest successor so except one boy named ping everyone was fooled. ping was worried why his plant was not blooming he tried but failed, the emperor was knowing the seeds won’t work so other kids took different seeds and showed the emperor the blooming plant except ping. the emperor only respects honesty so he admired ping courage to come with an empty pot. the king was happy and rewarded him the whole kingdom and the successor.

 Moral of the Story: Honesty is the best policy.

 7. The Fox and the Stork: this is the story about a fox and the stork. They were good friends. one day the fox invited stork to his house for lunch, he prepared the soup for lunch and placed two bowls, after few minutes fox began drinking the soup but the stork was not able to smell it due to beak was too long and the plate was too swallow, he left the house without having anything for lunch. the next day the stork invited fox for the dinner, the fox saw the two tall jugs of soup was placed on the table for the dinner. The stork asked the fox why he was not having soup, the stork got angry as the jug was too narrow for his mouth to go in. he left the house, the fox and stork were never friends again.

Moral of the Story: the golden rule of conduct is for one to for others.

 8. The Foolish Donkey : once upon a Time there was a Seller who use to carry the salt bag on his donkey to the market everyday .as they need to travel a lot and daily need to cross a stream to reach the Market. One day The donkey lost is balanced on the stream they came across, the salt bag also fell into the river, soon the salt dissolved and the bag became a light to carry seeing this the donkey was very happy, now the donkey knew he started to do this Daily. The salt seller now understood the Trick of the Donkey so one day he also played one trick with him, the next day he loaded a bag full of cotton on the donkey, The donkey again played the same trick hoping that the cotton bag would fall but the cotton bag was very heavy to carry and the donkey suffered a lot and learned a lesson from this. he never played this trick again with the seller.

Moral of the Story: Luck won’t always support you in your wrong deeds.

Conclusion: as we have come to the conclusion of this article and got a brief understanding of the 8 unique short moral stories for kids with valuable lessons to implement in real life, I hope all the kids, as well as adults, will surely enjoy these stories and at the same time gain some meaningful Teachings in life.