70th Birthday Wishes – Get The Best Happy 70th Birthday Wishes and Messages

70th Birthday Wishes

What could be more joyful than any of your relatives turning 70 on his/her birthday? Birthdays are those happy occasions where any old shall feel the joy. Here is a list of birthday wishes you can use to make your close ones feel important and loved.


Happy 70th Birthday


  • Time flies by quickly and now you are 70. A very happy birthday to you and hope that you have a healthy life ahead filled with lots of happiness. I wish for you all the god’s blessings and joyfulness.


  • It is great to see you turning 70 this year. You have been an amazing supporter throughout my life. I wish you a very happy 70th. Hope you enjoy your day and grow cheerful by every passing day.


  • With age comes experience and I know you have had many of your own. Thank you for always helping me out with your advice and helping me grow wiser. I am grateful to have you to look up to in my life. A very happy birthday.


  • There is a child in every being and I have seen that in you. Never have you ever been a boring partner, and I have got very spectacular memories with you. On this 70th birthday of yours, I wish that child in you stay forever and you have joyful old days.


  • It fills my heart to see you grow all old and nice. You have turned 70 and it is really a big achievement. On this birthday of yours, I wish that you score a century. You have been a kind person always and I am glad to have such a person in my life.


  • Life has never been easy for you, but my old man has always shown lots of courage and dedication in his life. You have battled this life for 70 long years and I know you have the strength to give a hard time to all those puny difficulties in life. I wish for you to stay strong and healthy always. Happy Birthday.


  • I have grown up listening to your stories and only I know how much it has helped me all through these years. I am really grateful to have you and seeing you turn 70 just makes me so happy. I wish that you stay with us for a very long time and share our beautiful stories with us. I wish you a long life filled with happiness. Happy Birthday.


  • So finally the day has come when you have entered your seventies. I know that you have had an amazing 69 years of your life and you have lived each day of your life. You are an inspiration to me and I want to be like you when I grow up. Your life has been an amazing journey and you still have a lot of paths to tread along. May you keep smiling always so that your tiny eyes become tinier. You are real cuteness. Happy birthday.


  • You have been a part of the seventies, eighties, and the nineties era and have seen a lot of change around yourself. Now on your seventieth birthday, you have just entered a new decade. It is awesome to see you coping so well with the changing times and I feel proud to know you. You have always been that soft person I could go and talk to. Thank you for making my life so easy. I wish you many many happy returns of the day.


  • Being the eldest one in the family, you have had a lot of responsibilities to carry and you have always been successful in being just. You have sacrificed so much for your family and have taught us many life lessons. On your 70th birthday, I wish you many more decades of life. A very happy and cheerful birthday to you.


Funny Happy 70th Birthday


  • It is not possible to put 70 candles on your cake so let's put one for each decade you lived. You being an inspiration to us all. A very happy birthday to you.


  • I can't believe that you have actually turned 70 and that we have shared almost 50 years of friendship. A very happy birthday to you.


  • You have come a long way and there is more in store for you. I hope you enjoy your day. Happy birthday.


  • Seeing you toothless and still filled with joy brightens everyone's day. May you be filled with happiness always. Happy birthday.


  • You are the one who has lived through so many trends and has been an old schoolmaster for us. Happy birthday.


  • It is actually possible to win over a girl through all the flirty techniques you have taught us. A very happy 70th birthday to my love class tutor.


  • Whenever you smile, the entire room is filled with the brightness of your smile. On your 70th birthday, I wish that your smile remain stuck to your face always.


  • Happy 70th birthday. May you score a double century, have a happy and peaceful life.


  • On your 70th birthday, I wish god showers all his blessings on you and that you be god's favorite child. I hope you get all the joy and meaning in life.


  • On the occasion of your 70th birthday, I wish that your grandchildren turn naughty and have lots of fun with you so that the child in you always remain alive. Happy birthday.


70th Birthday Wishes For Dad


  • True that old age brings experience and I have actually gained a lot from your experience. Thank you for always having my back and supporting me. Happy 70th birthday.


  • I have seen you sacrificing so much for us, dad. Since childhood, you have always put our needs first and I cannot be more thankful to you than I am. Seeing you turn 70 makes me so proud of you. Happy birthday.


  • I might have questioned the decisions that you took for us at my young age, but after being a father myself I now know how much you really cared for us. Thank you so much for bearing your patience with us. I wish you many more years of happiness on your birthday.


  • On your seventieth birthday, I would wish that you stay with me and see me turning 70 as well. It would make you so happy and I would love to see you happy. Many many happy returns of the day.


  • Dad, you have always been patient with me. You have always forgiven me for my mistakes and you have always been kind to everyone. Thank you for all the love that you have showered on us unconditionally. A very happy and cheerful birthday dad.


  • On your 70th birthday, I want to say that you are really special for me. You are the reason for our existence and I wish that you stay happy for many more such coming years. Stay healthy and wish you a very happy birthday dad.


  • The day I got married and was leaving the house, I could see you crying. You never wanted anyone to notice your tears but you could not hide it from me Dad. On your birthday I would like to remind you that your daughter is always there beside you and you are the best dad in this world.


  • Dad, you have always corrected our mistake and helped us to do better in our lives. I owe you this life and I am very grateful to have a father like you. Dad, you have now reached 70 and soon you will be 75 and then 100. I hope that this birthday brings a lot of new hopes and happiness for you.


  • Dad, you have been a tutor and a guide to me. On your 70th birthday, I would want you to remember all the good things that have happened to you and I wish that those good things stay with you for the rest of your life. With lots of love, Happy birthday.


  • Dad, I know that you might be weak physically but you are very strong at heart and this made it possible for us to now celebrate your 70th birthday. On this happy day, I would want that you always stay that happy person that you are.


Happy 70th Birthday Wishes For Sister


  • My little sister has turned 70 today and it is such a joyous occasion. I have never told you enough how much I love you and I guess that's what brothers do. But today I want you to know that you are an amazing person and I love you so much. Happy birthday dear sister.


  • I always loved to fight with you and I also love to tease you. It is such an emotional thing to see my older sister turn 70. Someday I will also turn 70 and you will be standing there wishing me all the love and care. I would be eagerly waiting for that day. Till then, happy birthday.


  • Happy birthday to my secret keeper who always kept my secrets and always saved me when I was in trouble. You are more like a mother to you and now you have turned 70. It is just so nice to see you grow wise.


  • Hey baby sister, we have had a lot of fun when we were young. Even now when you turn 70, I know what a notorious mind you have. I wish you a very happy birthday and that we have many more such days of having fun.


  • Happy Birthday dear sister. On your 70th birthday, I wish you cool summers and warm winters, mild rainy days, and a beautiful fall. You are a happy soul and you bring happiness wherever you go. I can assume that this is the reason your family stays so happy.


  • It is always fun to steal your chocolates from the fridge. I miss doing all of that now, but you can easily assume where your chocolates are if I am at your home. To many of those sweet memories, a very happy birthday sweetheart.


  • You have not changed a cent in all these years and you wear the innocence on your face like a jewel. If only they knew how much naughty you really are. Happy 70th birthday to my sweet and naughty sister.


  • To keep that joyfulness alive for 70 years is absolutely commendable. You are absolute beauty and spending time with you is such a blessing. On your 70th birthday, I wish that you stay joyful forever.


  • After Mom, you became my support system and helped me through all my sorrows and bad days. I am so lucky to have you as my sister. I hope you live many more years and stay happy as you have been for these 70 years. Happy birthday.


  • 70 years is a long time and to see you reach that milestone really fills my heart with happiness. You have made it up to this and I believe that you will have many more years to come, to celebrate your birthdays. Lots of love and hugs. Happy birthday.


Happy 70th Birthday Wishes For Brother


  • You have turned 70, my big brother, and I feel so happy to see you so healthy and fit at this age. I am glad that you have had a hospital free life all these years and I wish that you have many more such years ahead. Happy birthday.


  • You have been a supporter of me always. You have always been the responsible one and have always protected me. I was the one who used to get into so much trouble but I knew always that you would be there to help me out. I have had your support for so many years. On your 70th birthday, I assure you many more years of helping me out. Happy birthday.



  • A brother is that person in the house that has to be responsible and needs to take care of the family. I am glad to say that in your youth you have been that responsible person. Always be the responsible one. Happy 70th birthday.


  • It was always an advantage to be your little sister. No one dared to lay a finger on me. You have been protective and possessive about me and it made me feel really good. I always knew that I was safe when you are with me. Even now you give that sense of safety to me my brother. On your 70th birthday, I wish you get lots of strength and power. Happy birthday.


  • No matter how inconvenient things would be for you, you would always do it and try to help others. You are just a happy person with a great heart. You have been kind to every person you have met in these 70 years and on your 70th birthday I hope that your heart always stays the same and keeps beating for many more years.


  • I could never actually show my true affection. That's how two brothers are, isn't it? But on the occasion of your 70th birthday, I want you to know that you were always the better one and that I love you dearly. My eyes are filled with happy tears to see you turn 70. Happy birthday.


  • I have always remembered all the lessons you have taught me, every time you came to my rescue and have always done things that would make me happy. I wish you a very happy seventieth birthday and I hope that you keep giving me those little life lessons always.


  • Hey big brother, you have always teased me and annoyed me so much. But it is also true that you have made me strong enough to face the world. So on this wonderful day, I would wish you a very happy 70th birthday.


  • Happy 70th birthday brother. You have been through thick and thin and have been there for me always. I would take the chance of your birthday to say that I am grateful for everything that you have done for me.


  • Happy 70th birthday bro. May you have peace and happiness in your life and that you see the faces of your great-grandchildren.


Happy 70th Birthday Wishes For Aunt


  • It is always fun to listen to all my mom's childhood stories from your mouth. I wonder how beautiful you both must have looked at young siblings. On your 70th birthday, I wish that you stay beside my mom always and that you have healthy days.


  • A very happy 70th birthday Aunt. You have a child's soul and you have always been very jolly and lively. It is fun to play with you and visit parks with you. You are a sweet person to be with.


  • It is really fun to see you and dad argue at times and the way it goes on cannot be more fun. You have been with me since my childhood and I love you so much. I am glad to be wishing you a very happy 70th birthday.


  • You have been such an inspiration, Aunt. After all that you have gone through last year, it feels nice to see you so healthy and celebrating your 70th birthday. This birthday can't be more special. Happy birthday.


  • I wish you a very happy 70th birthday Aunty. I love you so much and I hope that you always stay happy and cheerful like you have always been.


  • Aunty, you have seen me grow from an infant to a kid, and then to a teenager. I have shared so many memories with you and so this 70th birthday is even more special to me. I wish you a very happy birthday from the bottom of my heart.


  • Aunty, you always have a kind heart and you always help the ones in need. I have learned a lot about kindness from you and on this 70th birthday of yours, I would wish you to be even kinder and gentle.


  • Aunty, you have been a support system to Mom and Dad and you have really taught us the value of families. May this 70 birthday bring lots of happiness and warmth in your life and that you get a peace of mind and harmony.


  • Hey aunt, I wish you many many happy returns of this day. Now you have turned 70, I guess you have become even more fun to hang out with. Stay happy and cheerful.


  • I wish God to shower all his blessings on you my lovely aunt for you are turning 70 today. You have been such a sweet lady and I still remember how you taught me to cycle. I wonder if you go out with me to the park and see how good a cycler I have become. Thank you for everything and wish you a happy birthday.

Happy 70th Birthday Wishes For Mom


  • Hey mom, you have now turned 70 and all you have done for these seventy years are taken care of your family. It is a real elight to see you turn old. Happy birthday.


  • You have seen me grow from an infant to a young lady and now I see you grow from a strong woman to an old person. It has been an amazing journey and the road ahead will also be amazing. A very happy birthday Mom.


  • Dear mother, the word mom when turned upside down becomes wow and this is exactly what you are. Happy 70th birthday.


  • You have made so many sacrifices for this family and have never complained about a thing. You stayed happy with what you had and this is what inspires me the most about you. Thank you for everything mom and a very happy 70th birthday.


  • You are the prettiest lady in the world and those wrinkles of old age on your face just makes you prettier. This is a gift of your 70 years on earth. Happy birthday Mom.


  • No matter what you have always been there for me, mom. You have been my constant support throughout my life mother, and I cannot be more grateful. I can only wish that you have a long, long life ahead and you score a century. Happy 70th birthday, mom.


  • You have taught me all the life lessons and whatever I am, I owe it to you. Thank you for being there always and on this 70th birthday of yours, I wish that you stay with us for an even longer time to teach more such life lessons. Happy birthday.


  • Everyone tells me that I look so alike and so I wish that on my 70th birthday, I look as pretty as you look today on yours. Happy birthday.


  • You are my sunshine, mom! You’re such an inspiration to me. I am glad that I am your daughter. Happy 70th birthday, mom.


  • On your 70th birthday mother, I wish you stay healthy and happy always and that you always have joy and harmony in your life. Happy birthday.



These were some of the finely handcrafted 70th birthday wishes for all your loved ones. Don’t waste thinking and choose the best one for your loved ones! There’s not going to be another 70th for sure!