5 Reasons Mr Right Goes Wrong for You and, Vice-Versa

Rushing into Commitment

For those of you who thought Love is a fairy-tale, knock-knock! You need to wake up. All the more, love is a concoction of commitment, kindness and straight honesty. It takes time to find your Mr Right or Mrs Perfect. At times you shoot right at your target and most of the times you learn from your experiences when your head bangs saying your mate isn’t good enough for you.

Let me tell you one thing for sure, love is not as charming as it looks, instead, it is a practical and positive approach by everyone who experiences it. So, why doe everyone in the end think that his/her partner is not the one that they wished for? The answer lies within. Love is all about challenges and there is no step by step guide to finding the perfect, Oops! Wrongly phrased, not perfect but the right partner.

Below are some probable whys and wherefores which I consider is the reason for why we are not satisfied with our love decisions. Strictly speaking, this is not a guide to find you a perfect life partner, because nobody’s perfect, but it will definitely lead to Nirvana in love.

1. Great Expectations

Nothing feels good enough. We carry countless expectations from our better halves. Well, there is no harm in making your own list of hopes from him/her. But going overboard like looking out for praises every time, or picking flowers every day etc. It simply means heading towards making your partner perfect for you. We tend to make perfection as a norm, which is a risky recipe for true love.

2. Carrying the Relationship on Your Own Terms

It is high time that you realise that both of you are separate entities. You and your partner are different from each other. You could be positive and negative, yin and yang or sugar and spice. If you are not different than you are clones, which is hard to accept, isn’t it. Not accepting this will definitely make you think that your Mr. Right is actually not right for you.

3. Rushing into Commitment

There is a high possibility that you didn't give enough time to your dating and rushed into commitment, which made you feel as if something went wrong. Every relationship, whether it's friendship, respect or even motherhood, takes time to bloom to a beautiful devotedness. It’s an old-fashioned rule but it is till date a hard-past one. Know your partner, judge him and check for the qualities that you look for. Question your decision and you won’t regret it.

4. Comparing to You “single” Status

Maybe you wanted to stay single, a bit more. Sometimes, you start missing your life as a single person after you get hitched. Life was quite cool that ways. Although, being single also drives you toward finding a life partner for yourself. Earth always looks greener on the other side. “Being single”, the feeling can kill your honesty and perception of your life. But also, don’t treat your marriage as an act of kindness.

5. Love Yourself

It’s quite an old saying, that, once you stop loving yourself, you stop loving everything that's around you. Everything will feel beautiful if you are true to yourself. Nevertheless, love makes you feel good about yourself so if you are doubting your relationship then it is quite possible that something is wrong with you, just saying:)