30 Ways To Know If He Is The One

How To Know If He Is The One

At the starting of a relationship, there are many things that a guy does to make you feel wanted. He will possibly do all the romantic things and be nice to you. But after a certain point of time, you might question yourself whether he is the one because It's hard to find out. This article will, however, help you to understand if your partner is the person with whom you'd spend your life with.


Here are the 30 signs to know that your partner is the one


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He knows if you hide your emotions


Girls are way too sensitive compared to guys and feel emotions quickly. Girls are also good at hiding their emotions. They don't really show their actual emotions because some girls believe that hiding emotions is a better option than losing a relationship. Only a few guys can make out if his woman is hiding her emotions. If your guy knows if you're pretending your emotions, you should probably keep him.


He takes a stand for you behind your back.


Always remember girls! Your man would never bitch about you and will always take a stand for you in front of you and even behind your back. It's really wonderful if a guy takes a stand for you behind your back. It's really rare to find such a guy because guys are cool in front of you but behind your back, they're not the same! You should be aware if your guy takes a stand for you. Read more about men's lifestyle.


He doesn't make you feel jealous of any other girl.


Guys think that making his girl jealous is cute but not all girls feel the same way. Girls are protective and sensitive. They feel emotions quickly as said above. A guy should be matured enough to not make you feel jealous of any other girl. He should be proud of you and make other girls jealous of you!


He is the same person in front of you and everyone else.


Some guys are sweet and kind when you're with him. He will take care of you and will do all the cheesy things. But is he the same person in front of his family and friends? Is he still sweet to you and pamper you? He should be the same person in front of everyone else as well. He should give you attention even if a thousand people are around because you're his priority and not anybody else.


He respects every girl and not only you.


Respecting a woman should be every man's word. It is very important that a guy respects every woman in his life and not only you and his mother. He should not slut-shame any girl or pass bad comments about any girl. He should respect each and every woman either elder or younger than him. Respecting women and treating them in the right way is a man's responsibility.


He won't hide your relationship with him.


If he wants your relationship to be healthy, he won't hide your relationship with him. If he's hiding, he's probably ashamed or embarrassed by someone finding it. If he truly loves you, he won't be ashamed of publicizing your relationship. If he truly admires you, he will shout from the rooftops that you're his and he's yours. He won't be scared or ashamed of anyone or anything.


He loves the way you are.


If a guy truly loves you, you can make it by looking in his eyes. He will love the whole of you and not only your body. He will appreciate whatever you do and motivate you to achieve your goals in life. He won't point out your flaws. He'd acknowledge everything about you. He will always appreciate and love you as a person and not only by face.


He will never underestimate you.


He will never doubt your skills and capabilities. You will feel conformable and free around him. He will never make you question yourself. He will also try to build your confidence and figure out your abilities. If you ever feel that he's letting you down and making fun of your abilities, he's probably not the one.


He will text you every now and then.


If he texts you every day, that means he thinks about you. You're on his mind. He wants to know what are you doing and how are you doing. He simply likes talking to you. He will be worried if you're worried. He will be happy if you're happy. It's great if you find a guy like that who'll probably not ignore you for someone else.


He is always willing to meet you.


It's really great if a guy likes to meet you in public places like subway or cafe coffee day and not in privates places. He will be very keen to know you possibly for future relationships. He will setup dates only if you agree and not forcefully. And even in the long run, after many years of your relationship, the guy should be the same as he was before. If he's the one for you, he will still like to meet you.


He will never insult you or make fun of you in front of his friends.


Men usually get angry and insult their girlfriends. It may be for fun or by intension and also by jealousy. But he should be man enough to not to do it in front of his friends and family. It's not good for a healthy relationship. If you continue to hold onto the relationship then the relation between you two eventually becomes toxic. You should be with someone who does not let you down.


He can do the weirdest things to make you smile.


Making coffee or cooking food are the things that make a woman smile but the weirdest things are also mandatory to make good relations or to maintain connectivity between you and your partner. Cracking a terrible joke or making a weird face are the small things that a guy does to make you smile. He wouldn't mind laughing in the craziest way just to see you smile. It's very cute though.


He enjoys being with you.


A guy who truly loves you will enjoy being with you. He will ask you out first then asking anyone else. It simply means he wants to spend time with you and he's happy when he's with you. He will crave your attention and a place for him in your life. He will look forward to you as a person with whom he can spend time for a lifetime.


He will even do the smallest things to make you happy.


All the small things that he does to bring happiness are the purest feelings of joy because the small things are so delightful and are definitely not anticipated. Holding hands, clicking pictures, staring at the sky at night, eating pizzas, kissing on the forehead and many more. Small things matter a lot like big things if done with a big heart!


He will not depict any woman in bad taste.


Woman like to be treated with respect. Respecting you is as important as respecting any other woman. He should not pass abusive comments or troll any woman. He should also not see any woman with bad taste. A guy gains a lot of respect from every person if he knows the way to treat a woman right. He's the one if he respects every woman in his life.


He will keep you happy during your period.


It's a guy's responsibility to keep you happy even when you're on your period. He will not get tired of your mood swings and will not get irritated by you. He would be considerate and not yell at you. He will buy chocolates and ice cream for you. He will do anything to make you feel comfortable. It's nice to know if a guy wants to make you feel great every month when your feeling low.



He will dance or sing for you even if he is not good at it.


Slow dancing and singing are the small hints that he would do to make you feel special. He will fancy you by putting your name in lyrics. He will sing romantic songs when you're around. He will do a weird dance when you're down or when you're sad just to see you happy. In the end, it's the small things that matter the most.


He will write letters to you.


It is a bane time for nostalgia for writing letters lately. Guys usually show affection through text messages while writing letters for your partner is a 'girl thing'. But there are some guys who would still write letters to make your relationship stronger. Even short letters with deep messages are just amazing. He will show you how much he truly cares and will express all his feelings through letter/s.


He will accept his mistakes.


It is actually very difficult to deal with a guy who does not accept his mistakes. Many guys are egoistic so they usually don't apologize and by a matter of time, they act normal. There are guys who accept their mistakes and apologize. If he truly wants to spend a lifetime together with you, he won't be ashamed of apologizing and accepting his mistakes.


He will say 'sorry' even if you're wrong.


It is really very cute if a guy says 'sorry' even if he's not at fault. It means that he does value your relationship more than his ego. The relationship is sometimes messy but if he is the bigger person and apologizes then he's probably the one and only. He won't mind losing his credibility but girls should keep his efforts in mind.


He will try to avoid arguments and fights.


If he's the one, he will always try to end, solve or avoid fights and arguments. He'll probably not be a controversialist instead he'd find ways to neglect fights. Some guys try to avoid arguments only when they are wrong but the guy who aspires you would even avoid arguments when a girl is at fault because it's the relationship that matters the most. But fights and arguments make a relationship stronger so not always try to avoid arguments because sometimes some things are mandatory to be cleared out!


He will not force you to get intimate.


There are some things in a relationship that you should never force. This applies to one or both partners. When you are obvious in not getting intimate with your partner, he should respect your decision and not force you to get intimate. It's not right if your partner emotionally blackmails you or threatens you. It's totally your decision on your intimacy. You'll get to know if he's forcing you. You should be careful with your intimacy and privacy.


He will be patient and will like to take things slow.


When a guy takes things slow, he wants to grow the connectivity, feelings, and commitment to the place where both of the partners feel comfortable. He'd like to grow the relationship at a slower pace because he believes that when taken a faster pace, after a certain amount of time, things get uncomfortable and might get caught up in lust. So he will like to take things slow so you both can bond by spending more time with each other.


He will like to baby you.


If your guy calls you baby, you might be pleased and might feel loved that he has a nickname for you. He will not only call you baby but also treat you like a baby. He will take care of you even when things aren't going good between both of you. He will buy you food and pamper you in your worst moods. He won't just do it because he's the guy but because he likes to do it for you.


He will send you voice messages to let you know how much he loves you.


Preparing the perfect romantic voice message and expressing how much he cares about you may be difficult for him, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. Calling and expressing is kinda easy but making time to make a voice message with perfect words is truly wonderful. If he's a boyfriend material type of guy he'd probably do it. It's a small gesture but plays a special place in anyone's life.


He will not forget the anniversary or birthday dates.


It's important to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays of your partner. If he truly loves you, he will never forget the dates. Even the celebration of anniversaries of small events makes the relationship stronger. He will always remember the dates when he first saw you and when you first met. He'll appreciate your presence in his life and how his life has changed after he met you. Sometimes he may forget the dates but he'll always remember the precious time that you both might have spent together.


The thought of losing you will scare him.


He'll definitely be scared to lose you. He will never make you feel granted by any chance. He'll always make you feel special as he did before (at the starting of your relationship). He will always let you know how much he loves you and won't let anyone come between the two of you. Even at bad times, he will figure out things rather than arguing and giving up.


He will plan things well in advance rather than messing things up at the end.


He will be the perfect planner for dates. He will be cheesy sometimes but that's what makes things cute. He will ask you for dates and plan everything starting from picking you up to opening doors to dropping you on time. Even if something goes wrong, he will manage it calmly and not let things mess up. He will always try to make things perfect from his side.


He will stare at you.


You'll just know if he's staring at you. He will admire your beauty even if you don't feel beautiful sometimes. He will always be the guy who will support you at your worst. He will let you know how much he appreciates you as a human. He will not only stare at you when you're with your makeup on and have worn the best dress but also without makeup and when you've just woke up from sleep. He will just stare at you all the time.


He will keep nicknames for you, either cute or funny.


If a guy keeps you nicknames, that means you play a special role in the guy's life. It also means that the guy is comfortable to share anything with you. He will love to call you by nicknames so that the bond becomes stronger. He sees you more like a best friend because best friends usually call each other by nicknames. Giving nicknames to each other can actually increase the love and attraction you both feel for each other.


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