21 Questions Game: The Best Questions Ever

We always are with our immediate circle people which constitute your family members, friends, and special friends. Though we are so much familiar with their ways of saying and expressing we do sometimes feel curious to know more about them. We tend to know more about what they feel about us, how would have they spent their childhood and what’s their past.

It’s so genuine that we hesitate to talk to people which we consider as ‘ours' at some point in time. We’re always in search of a good moment to get involved with them and ask those questions which we want to. 

So, here we present you with a list of 100 plus questions with which you can help you to have blissful moments with your immediate surroundings. Blissful moments will let you feel down and make you the happiest instead.


21 Questions to ask your Dad


Question 1. Do you want to live your childhood again or want to re-experience what it feels to be a dad with your small kid?

Question 2. What’s the best memory you think you’ve lived when you were a kid?

Question 3. Have you ever gone on a trip/movie without informing your elders?

Question 4. Did you have any girlfriend in your teenage?

Question 5. Tell me what you desired for when you were at your young age?

Question 6. If I ever had a girlfriend, would you object?

Question 7. Have you ever encounter any spiritual energy when you were a child?

Question 8. Have you ever locked up anyone in the washroom in your school days and then, ran away?

Question 9. Have you ever been a part of the group that spreads horrific rumors or bullied anybody?

Question 10. What is the most mischievous activity you’ve done and then got beaten up by your parents?

Question 11. Is there anything you feel is lacking in me as a human?

Question 12. Have you ever been dressed up as a girl?

Question 13. What are your biggest insecurities?

Question 14. What made you think of me?

Question 15. Have I ever made you feel proud yet?

Question 16. Have you ever stolen something and put the blame on the other person?

Question 17. Have you ever used abusive language?

Question 18. Have you ever cheated on someone and then behaved as if it’s not your mistake?

Question 19. Have you ever slept for the whole day?

Question 20. How you want me to treat you?

Question 21. What’s the best day you feel you’ve ever lived?


21 Questions to ask your Mom


Question 1. Have you ever chopped off your hairs secretly without knowing you Mom?

Question 2. Have you ever gone out for a date with a guy in your college days?

Question 3. Have you ever cheated on your best friend and now wants to confess your mistake?

Question 4. What do you think of me I am?

Question 5. If you want me to change one bad habit of me, what would it be?

Question 6. Have you ever felt that you should be married to another person? If yes, who the guy is?

Question 7. Which phase was the best of you, you feel your childhood or motherhood?

Question 8. Have you ever said a lie to your parents just because you don’t want to have a bad image of yourself?

Question 9. Ever gone for a night out with your friends?

Question 10. How many serious relationships you’ve been in?

Question 11. Ever went through a heart-break?

Question 12. What is the most stylish dress you think you’ve ever worn?

Question 13. When did you first realize that you’re beautiful?

Question 14. Have you ever done something which society feels is not appropriate for girls to do?

Question 15. Have you ever dressed up as your grandmother? How did it felt to be one?

Question 16. Have you ever felt that the decisions at some issues being taken by your elders are not correct?

Question 17. Ever felt angry when your parents scolded you?

Question 18. What you want your children to be like?

Question 19. Have you ever sat alone and cried for the whole day for someone you missed the lot?

Question 20. Ever felt you’ve been discriminated just because you’re a girl?

Question 21. Are you mentally happy with the life you lead and the people you live with?


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21 Questions to ask your Brother


Question 1. Can you describe in a sentence?

Question 2. Do you have any romance in your life in the current moment?

Question 3. How much do you love me?

Question 4. What am I good or bad according to you?

Question 5. Would you support me in the crisis?

Question 6. What is the biggest mistake you think you’ve done which you shouldn’t have?

Question 7. Is there anything you hide from me in the fear that I will reveal it?

Question 8. Who seems to be the most beautiful lady to you?

Question 9. Have you ever had alcohol?

Question 10. Have you ever teases a girl in the influence of your friends?

Question 11. Is there anything you regret?

Question 12. Why did you break up with your ex-girlfriend?

Question 13. If, you're to motivate me, how will you do that?

Question 14. If, you’re to give me a nickname, what would it be?

Question 15. Will you ever betray me(jokes apart)?

Question 16. Is there anything you want to confess to me?

Question 17. What is the dumbest decision you feel, you’ve ever made?

Question 18. Share one of the funniest memories of us.

Question 19. Share of the memories of us where you felt that we hate each other.

Question 20. Have you ever felt that you should not be living in this house? If yes, why?

Question 21. What’s the best thing you feel about me?


21 Questions to ask your Sister


Question 1. Have you ever slept with somebody?

Question 2. What do you like the most about me?

Question 3. Have you ever felt jealous of me? If yes, why? If no, why?

Question 4. Ever went to night parties without informing elders?

Question 5. Do you have a crush? If yes, who's he?

Question 6. What would be your ideal date?

Question 7. What kind of dresses would you like to wear?

Question 8. Have you ever went alone wandering all around?

Question 9. What kind of people do you like?

Question 10. How many kids you would like to have in the future?

Question 11. What kind of relationship you would like to have with your spouse? More of a romance or more of a friendship?

Question 12. If you get a chance to buy a thing for me in the whole universe, what would it be?

Question 13. If you get a chance to buy a thing for yourself in this whole universe, what would it be?

Question 14. If you get a chance to kill somebody, who would like to?

Question 15. If you get a chance to make only one dead person alive, who would it be?

Question 16. How would you describe our bond?

Question 17. Whom would you like to roam with?

Question 18. To whom are you deeply attached with?

Question 19. Who do you love the most?

Question 20. How you want your first love to be?

Question 21. What’s something our family should know about you but, doesn’t it?



21 Questions to ask your Aunt


Question 1. What kind of a girl you have been before marriage?

Question 2. What kind of a husband did you desire for?

Question 3. Do you believe in magic?

Question 4. Have you ever spoke rudely to your mother?

Question 5. When was the first time that your dad has beaten you up badly?

Question 6. Have you ever thought of ending up your life? If yes, when?

Question 7. When was the day you cried a lot? Why?

Question 8. Do you miss your friends now? Have you been in touch with them? If no, why? Have you tried to contact them again?

Question 9. What was the best school memory of yours?

Question 10. Were you in love with somebody before your marriage?

Question 11. Whom you think you are/were attached to, till at this point of age?

Question 12. When did you felt that you’re unusual?

Question 13. What was the most terrifying trouble you’ve got into?

Question 14. Worst memory you had with your family ever?

Question 15. What’s the thing you feel should not happen to anybody in this universe because you've experienced it?

Question 16. Best trip you’ve gone to?

Question 17. Would you still like to play with your old toys?

Question 18. Do you like kids?

Question 19. Have I ever hurt you when I was growing up?

Question 20. Have you ever felt that you should be my mother?

Question 21. Ever desired for a guy?


21 Questions to ask your Uncle


Question 1. Have you ever gone to movies with your cousins without informing your parents?

Question 2. What was the biggest lie you have told your parents?

Question 3. Have you ever performed on the stage? If yes, who's role? How did you felt?

Question 4. What’s your hobby?

Question 5. What're your favorite sports you like to play?

Question 6. What're your favorite Sports you like to sit and watch?

Question 7. What’s your favorite romantic movie?

Question 8. What’s your favorite romantic song?

Question 9. Who's your favorite actor?

Question 10. Have you ever locked someone in the washroom, locked the door and just ran away?

Question 11. What kind of art is your favorite?

Question 12. Have you ever hated your boss or teacher? If yes, why?

Question 13. What’s your favorite destination place?

Question 14. Have you ever participated in any fancy dress competition? If yes, when? How was your experience?

Question 15. Would you like to have a daughter as your first kid or a boy?

Question 16. If you get a chance to be the President for a day how would you like to spend it?

Question 17. What are your views on today’s Lifestyle?

Question 18. When was the last time you literally smiled like a small child?

Question 19. What do you miss in today’s life which you used to do in your childhood days?

Question 20. Would you like to crack jokes and make people laugh even when you don’t know them personally?

Question 21. If you would have been a teacher, what kind of a teacher you would have been?


21 Questions to ask your Girlfriend 


Question 1. If you got a bundle of money, what will you do with that? 

Question 2. What kind of person do you want to live in the near future?

Question 3. Which romantic song will you dedicate me?

Question 4. Will you allow me to call whenever I feel like hearing your sweet voice?

Question 5. Do I fulfill all your requirements?

Question 6. How will you plan a romantic date for us?

Question 7. What’s your ideal day with me?

Question 8. What makes you feel hot?

Question 9. What makes you feel the most beautiful girl on the planet.

Question 10. What makes you feel happy?

Question 11. What makes you feel proud of me?

Question 12. What is your notion of beauty?

Question 13. Will you allow me for the day when I'll be holding your hand and lying beside each other on the grass and looking to the infinite sky?

Question 14. Do you have a plan for our wedding in your head? If yes, what is it? 

Question 15. Do you like when I cuddle you?

Question 16. Do you like it when I touch and kiss your face?

Question 17. On what song will you like us to do a romantic dance?

Question 18. Does love have a definition for you? If yes, what is it?

Question 19. Do you like when I come so closer to you?

Question 20. What will you do to make me special when I'm sad?

Question 21. How will you make me feel loved?


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21 Questions to ask your boyfriend


Question 1. What’s the most notorious thing you like about me?

Question 2. Will you allow me to dominate you after our marriage?

Question 3. What kind of husband do you think you will be?

Question 4. Name a girl you’ve kissed apart from me?

Question 5. What will you do to make our bond, even more, stronger than ever before?

Question 6. What makes you feel that we should remain together?

Question 7. How will you do romance with me?

Question 8. How will you say ‘I LOVE YOU' to me without uttering a word?

Question 9. Will be respecting my parents as respecting me?

Question 10. How will you appreciate me?

Question 11. What habits of mine annoy you?

Question 12. What habits of mine make you laugh?

Question 13. What qualities of mine make you feel proud?

Question 14. What’s the similarity between us you feel?

Question 15. What makes you feel that we are two different personalities?

Question 16. What attitude of yours you feel makes you feel the most handsome person?

Question 17. Do you think that we have enough time to make out?

Question 18. What do you miss about me? (The habit which I've changed and you like it the most)

Question 19. What will you do to make me smile?

Question 20. What’s the ‘most yourself’ time for you?

Question 21. Can you read my eyes at the current moment?


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