19 Tricks To Control Anger


Anger is the feeling of being in frustration, depression and sad mood. it is present in each and every individual in some or the other way . Some people are more angry so some are less. only the level of anger percentage varies from person to person. Have  You Ever Wondered why a person is Angry?  well the main reason behind this  is the level of insecurity ,frustration and low self -esteem …in this article I have highlighted various reasons behind anger and 19 unique ways to control it ..let us understand each of these briefly ….

                       Reasons Behind Anger

1.Lack of self- Control : the main reason behind the anger of a person is the  lack of self- control on this bad feeling … when the person gets angry he is not in his control and speaks harsh words …

2.Insecurity , Frustration and Depression : I think you all have heard this terms many a times , this all are connected with the anger feeling … when a person is in insecurity, frustration and depression state he often gets angry ..

3.Negative Thoughts : when a person feels sad , his mind diverts in negative thoughts and surrounds himself with unpleasant feelings which makes the person angry often .

4.Lack of patience : patience controls the person  but due to various reasons he becomes out of his control and loose patience which ultimately leads to the feeling of anger in him. 

5.Lack of self Confidence: confidence boost a person personality and lead him to the ladder of achievements in life but the lack of confidence level reduce the morale of a person and makes him angry .. 

                   19 Techniques to Control Anger 

  1. Knowledge of Anger Management  : Anger Management refers to the process of control and management of anger . when the person is aware of his anger, he will be able to manage and control it.

2.Relax your Mind and Body :  anger can be controlled by daily practising some exercise which will relax our mind and body .this includes Impulse control, Breathing Techniques , meditation and yoga. 

3.Physical Exercise  : in order to reduce the feeling ofanger onemust adopt the habit of doing some physical exercise daily in this way we will be able to relax our mind and body .

4.Stay Positive : Positive Mind leads to Positive life. If a person remains positive throughout his life , he won’t get the feeling of anger .

5.Remove Negative Thoughts   : negativity makes us weak and fill our life with negative thoughts . when a person surrounds himself with the negative people  , he develops strong emotions of anger . 

6.Drink Water : okay so you got angry and not knowing what to do to relax yourself , another way to overcome from this feeling is to drink water , drinking water makes our mind and body relax and makes us calm down from the situation that made us angry . 

7.Indulge Your Mind in some other Productive Activities : it becomes  very important to train our mind and divert it into some useful productive activities when having the feeling of anger . when a person adopts some productive activities anger cools down slowly .

8.Forget about the Situation that made You Angry : when we become angry , we think about it all day  why  we were angry , what made us angry , well this is natural to think but overthinking about the same situation make us more angry and weak , thus it becomes necessary to involve ourselves in some other productive activities , in this way we will be able to forget  about the situation that made us angry . 

9.Frustration Management : we are frustrated when we are angry don’t we , when we are angry we become frustrated of  everything in life. Our mind indulge in negative thoughts and we feel very low , in order to cure from this we must learn to manage and control it . 

10.Breathing Activities : inhale, exhale do it many times a day , this breathing activities calms our mind and body and makes us relax everyday . when a person do this activities daily he becomes successful in controlling anger . 

11.Self- Awareness : it is important to become aware of the feeling of anger in order to keep control and manage it .when a person is aware of this , anger will reduce slowly.

12.Keep Patience : patience controls the person and keep him organised . one understands each situation and tackle it easily . if we keep patience in every thing we will be able to achieve our goal in life and will not become angry .

13.High Confidence Level: Confidence boost a person’s personality and lead him to the ladder of achievements in life , if a person keeps high confidence level . the feeling of anger gets reduced.

14.Be Happy : happiness strengthens relationships and makes strong bonds with others . if we are happy with ourselves and others the anger feeling will not exist . 

15.Take some Time out For Yourself : something made us angry and we got frustrated with it , we think about it everyday and builds strong emotions of anger , it is important to take some time out of ourselves and involve in some other relaxing activities , hangout with friends and enjoy time with family and friends . 

16.Listen to Some Good Music : music relax our mind and soul and makes us refresh , if you got angry due to some reason , just sit back , relax and listen to some good music.

17.Self -Control : it becomes necessary to control the feeling of anger as once it increases to the highest level , it becomes difficult to control it . we should follow the necessary  precautions to reduce this feeling .

18.Ignore and Let it Go : ignore what made you angry, let it go , come out of that situationthink positive and move on in life.

19.Identify the possible conclusion :  the last point to summon up this article is to find the best possible solution of the situation that made us angry . 

Conclusion : as we are on the conclusion . in this article we have covered various causes behind anger and 19 Tricks to control and manage it .  we should all practise this Techniques in order to overcome from the feeling of anger, I hope this tricks would work for all in positive direction and we all become successful in controlling it .