18 Ways to Handle Jealousy

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 Jealousy is the state of being insecure, feeling of fear, and low self- esteem. It is present in every individual in some or the other way .some people are less jealous, some are more …. Do you have ever wondered, why a person is jealous? well the main reason behind this is person’s low self -esteem and lack of confidence level to overcome different challenges in life .in this article, I have thrown light on the various causes behind jealousy and 18 ways to handle and deal with it … lets us understand each of these briefly…

                                     Reasons Behind Jealousy 

  1. Low Self Esteem: one of the main reasons behind the jealousy of a person is his low self-esteem. when a person feels low he often gets jealous from others and their Achievements. 

2.Lack of Confidence Level: Confidence boosts a person’s personality and leads him to the ladder of achievements in life, but at the some point in time the confidence reduce and a person becomes jealous.

3.Comparison: Comparison is the common reason of jealousy, we are often compared to so many things in life from others, some people take it in the right direction, so some in wrong ,Wrong comparison leads to jealousy.

  4.Other’s Achievements: Achievements play a very important role in one’s life. it leads us to success but we have often seen people getting jealous of other’s achievements, this feeling often makes a person low and decreases his morale. 

5.Weakness: every person has strengths and weakness, our weakness makes us weak and jealous in life. 

                                18 Ways to Handle Jealousy : 

1. Believe in Self:  it is very important to believe in oneself in order to handle jealousy. Believing in self increases our confidence level and reduces the feeling of jealousy.

2.Appreciate others for their Achievements : we should Appreciate others for their achievements , this will make them happy and boost their confidence level .thiswill also makes us  Happy and remove jealousy .

3.Build Confidence: it is very important for a person to build and boost his confidence level   to overcome different challenges in life .   when a person is self - confident , Jealousy  word does not Exist . 

4.Remove Negative Thoughts:  when we remove all the negative Thoughts from our Mind   all the Positive Energies surrounds our life and the feeling of being in jealous mode slowly gets vanished .

5.Believe in positivity : positive mind leads to positive life , if a person believe in positive direction , he will not be able to become jealous of anybody in life . 

6.Stop Comparison : it is very important for a person to stop comparing himself from the others then the only the feeling of jealousy will be removed from his mind . 

7.Identify your strengths and work on it :  every person has some strengths and weakness , one should utilise his skills in  right directions .

8.Active and Confident :being lazy and inactive can make a person feel jealous of others in life if a person is active and confident , his confidence level boost up and the bad feeling of jealousy disappear slowly .

9.Be Honest and Faithful : person often telling lot of lies and not faithful towards others develops strong emotions of jealousy with others , thus it is important to remain Honest and Faithful .

10.Work on Your Weakness : every person has got some strengths and weakness . it is very important to work on our weakness and always try to become better in life , this will make us stronger and at the same time reduces the feeling of jealousy . 

11.Analyse your Skills and Abilities : Skills and abilities makes person stronger and ready to overcome different challenges in life when a person is aware of his skills and abilities he will be able to achieve his goals and will not become jealous of others in life . 

12.Handle Emotions Faithfully :  Emotions are the feeling every individual have , the feeling of being in happy , sad and angry mode Thus it is important to judge and handle emotions faithfully to overcome jealousy .

13.Remind Nobody is Perfect : “ You were born to be real not to be perfect “ I think you all would agree with it , we are all born with some or other skills and talents in life , we should implement those skills and achieve our goals , this will make us better and the feeling of jealousy will be removed . 

14.Be Happy Always :  When a person is happy with himself and others , he surrounds himself with the positive energy and creates good atmosphere , happiness strengthens relationships , thus the jealousy word not exist .

15.Ignore and let it Go : Sometimes it is very important to let the things go and ignore it , when a person ignore the things he will become good human being and will not become jealous of anyone in life.

16.High Self Esteem :  when a person has high Self Esteem he becomes stronger and faces different challenges in life confidently . the person has strong believe in himself and can achieve any goals gracefully in life, Thus , The level of jealousy automatically decreases.

17.Self -Awareness: it becomes necessary to become aware of the feeling of jealousy in life to overcome different challenges that one faces , when we are self- aware of this feeling , confidence level develops and jealousy with others gets diminished . 

18.Be Generous : one should become generous in life to remove the feeling of jealousy in life, in this way the person will become stronger and achieve different goals in life successfully . 

Conclusion: As we have come to the conclusion of this article, we have seen the different reasons behind jealousy and  the 18 ways to deal with it, I hope this tricks would work for all in handling Jealousy and we all must implement this techniques to overcome from this bad feeling in life.