17 ways to keep Yourself Happy

                                “ Happiness is The Best Makeup

Happiness comes from within, I am sure you all would agree with this, if a person is happy with himself he will make others happy. we surround ourselves with positive energy in this state and all the negative thoughts are removed from our mind. There are often times when a person gets distracted due to a lot of things and leads to a level of depression, anger, and sad mood, in order to get recover from this feeling I am sharing 17 ways to keep yourself happy in any situation. let us look at each one of this briefly …

                                                 17 Ways to Keep Yourself Happy 

1 .Positive Thought: to be happy one needs to be positive throughout life. when a person involves himself in positive thoughts, good energy surrounds his life and makes him confident at the same time. 

2 .Remove Negative feelings: negative thoughts make a person weak and decrease his morale, in this state person feels sad and he does not like anything . to be happy, one should remove negative feelings from the mind to achieve this state. 

3. Fun Loving Hobbies: Hobbies are part-time activities that a person does in free time. there are a number of fun loving hobbies which we can do to chill and relax and at the same time make us happy. 

4..Listening to Music: music relaxes our mind and soul and refreshes us the whole day. if we are tired of the daily busy schedule we should listen to some good and refreshing music which we boost our energy and will make us happy.

5. Productive activities: productive activities are done to achieve the desired goal. when a person engages himself in productive activities new learning takes place and happiness automatically grows. 

6. Do More of what Makes You Happy: we have often listened to these lines “ do what you love and love what you do. it is important to love our work and appreciate it to remain happy. 

7. Smile Everyday: smile brightens the world and our life. when we smile we become happier with ourselves and others .smiling makes us more confident and energized for the day. 

8.Hangout with Friends: if you are stuck with the busy schedule and get tired , take some time out and make a weekend plan with your dearest friends and hang out with them.

9. enjoy good times with family and friends: good times makes our life memorable, pleasant and happy , enjoy fun times with your family and friends , plan for a weekend, hang out and create beautiful memories. 

10. Travelling: “live with no Excuses and Travel with no regrets” when we travel and explore different places, fun and happiness adds . good and beautiful memories are made, travel to the fullest, and visit all the beautiful places once in life. 

11. create pleasant and happy atmosphere and home and Workplace: when we create a pleasant and happy atmosphere at home and workplace, positive energy surrounds our home and workplace and everyone enjoys their work.

12. Keep Yourself Busy: an empty mind is a devil’s workshop I think you all are familiar with this. it is important to keep ourselves busy with some or the other thing to remain happy. if we are busy productivity increases and we become happy . 

13. Be Active and Confident  : if we are lazy and weak negative thoughts keep disturbing our mind and we lose confidence, thus it is important to become active and confident to face each challenge that comes on our way.

14. Handmade With Love: cookaholics try your hands on some amazing and unique recipes at home and enjoy it with your family and loved ones.

15. helping Others: when we help others good energy surrounds our life and adds happiness, if someone faces difficulties in life try to help them and reduce the burden of problems. 

16.Exercise, Meditation and Yoga: exercise , meditate, and perform yoga to relax and calm your mind and body. the person feels relaxed and happy and all the negative thoughts are removed from mind. 

17..Be Relaxed and Chilled Out: one needs to be relaxed and chilled out to be happy, if we are happy with ourselves we will be happy with others .involve your free time in some fun-loving activities. 

Conclusion: as we have come to the conclusionof this article, in this article we have covered 17 ways to keep yourself happy, no matter what difficulties one needs to face, we should always take it in a positive direction and remain happy. I hope these tricks would work in healthy ways for all and we all enjoy every moment of life given by god with bundles of sweetness and happiness.