16 Successful Tips to never Give Up in Life

                            “ Winners Never Quit and Quitters never Win

Why a person fails and give up in life. Do you have ever wondered? A person fail and gives up because he is unable to face different challenges that comes his way in this way he loses confidence level and decreases his morale.  It is very important to keep high confidence level and face everything that come in life. In this article I have highlighted different reasons one fails and give up and 16 successful tips to never up in life . let us look at each one of this in detail. 

                                     5 Reasons why a person give up in life 

  1. Low Confidence level   : when a person keeps low confidence level, he often give up to everything in life. At this stage his morale decreases and he feel low.
  2. Nervousness  : a person often fail and give up as he is unable to face different challenges ,he becomes nervous and loses confidence .
  3. Fear of Losing  : when a person keeps fear in mind he often fails and becomes sad , he loses hope and often give up in life .
  4. Weakness : every person has some strength and weakness our weakness makes us weak and in this way person often give up in life 
  5. Negative Thoughts  : when a person surrounds his mind with negative thoughts , he goes in the stage of anger , depression and sad mood and often give up in life. 

                                            16 Successful Tips to never Give Up in Life 

  1. High Confidence level : when a person keeps high confidence level , he is able to face different challenges that comes his way and never think of giving up in life .
  2. Put your 100% efforts  : win or lose are a part of our life , person should put 100% to anything he do and success will be surely in his hand . 
  3. Focus on your goals  : every person has some or the other goals to achieve in life , it is important to focus on the goals to achieve success and in this stage one will not easily give up in life . 
  4. Identify your strengths   : we all are  born with some inbuilt strength and weakness , it is important to identify strength and overcome weakness . 
  5. Active and Confident   :laziness easily make us weak and sad and we often give up in life . when  a person is active and confident he is ready to face any challenge . 
  6. Face any Challenge that come your way : challenges are a part of our life , one should be efficient and strong to face and overcome any difficult challenge that comes in life , in this way the person will able to understand his strength and will easily accomplish his goals . 
  7. Keep High Morale : if a person keeps high morale , nothing can defeat him  and he become successful in life . high morale person keeps high spirit. 
  8. Appreciate Yourself  : appreciating oneself makes a person strong and active .  as we know nobody understand us better than we ourselves , so it important that we should appreciate and encourage our work  and focus on our gaols to achieve it successfully . 
  9. Open Doors for New opportunities: when a person open doors for new opportunities , he understands his goals  and make all the efforts to achieve it.
  10. Encourage and Motivate Yourself : we should encourage and motivate ourselves for the accomplishment of our goals . we should watch encouraging and motivating videos to achieve our mission. In this way we will never think of giving  up in life . 
  11. Meditate and relax your mind and body : it is important for us to take meditation and yoga sessions to get relief from the daily schedule of the day . in this way we will be able to relax our mind and feel refresh to face anything . 
  12. Be Happy and Make others happy : happiness comes from within , if a person is happy with himself , he will be happy with others and will enjoy every moment of life  with happiness and will never give up in life. 
  13. Positive Thoughts:  positive mind leas to positive Life. U all would agree with this  if a person is positive Throughout his life , he will be easily able to accomplish his goals and will never think of giving up in life . 

14 . Remove Negative Thoughts : Negativity makes us weak and will often fail and give up in life .  Negative thoughts destroy our life and we go in the stage of depression, sad and anger mood , thus it is important to remove negative thoughts from mind to successfully accomplish our goals . 

15 . Surround yourself with positive people :  when we surround ourselves with positive people , good vibes generate and we feel confident , we focus on our goals and with their guidance and motivation we achieve our mission .

16. Be Honest : “ Honesty is the best Policy” we all have heard this quote many a times , if a person is honest with himselfhe will be honest with everyone and will never give up in life . 

Conclusion : to sum up , in this article we have covered  5 reasons why a person give up in life and- 16 successful tips to never give up in life. If a person keeps high  confidence level and follow all this tips he will never think of giving up in life and will be able to face each challenge confidently . no matter how difficult your goals are just put your 100 % efforts and I am sure results will be fruitful .  I hope from this tips we will generate positive and strong vibes and will accomplish all our goals and achieve our mission successfully.