15 Hobbies to Do in Free Time


          “A Hobby a day keeps the Doldrums Away” 

Hobbies are the part -time activities which a person Does in free time. we all involve ourselves in some or the other hobby, some like to write, sing, dance, travel and the list goes on … in this article I have mentioned 15 Part -Time Hobbies which a person should do to enrich his profile and boost confidence level .

                                                 15 Hobbies to do in Free Time 

1.Writing : Writing is a good hobby to do in free time. If you have passion for writing  , write poems, quotes, articles in your free time. 

2.Physical exercise , meditation and yoga : we all want to look young, beautiful, physically fit and strong , it is important  to make habit of doing some physical exercise , meditation and yoga daily.

3.Creative Activities : creative freak! if you have an urge for creativity and wants to explore in this , try to involve yourself in some creative activities and try your hand on paintings, clay art etc.

4.Photography : photography is a good skill to learn in free time. If you are passionate to take good shots and want to enrich your profile in this field, utilise your free time and upgrade your photography hobby . 

5.Baking Out of Love : baking adds love and we all enjoy making , cakes, muffins, puddings etc. try to make some good baking desserts in your free time and enjoy it with your family and loved ones . 

6.Travel & Adventure : many people adopts a hobby of travelling to different places and exploring beautiful things around the world . make a travel diary and seethe amazing places of the world .

7.Learn a new foreign language :learning any new foreign language boost our confidence level and enrich our profile. Utilise your free time and make a hobby of learning any foreign language.

8.Learn a new Musical Instrument : is listening to music your hobby , well take up any musical instrument  you like and learn how to play it . 

9.Choose any Sport You like and play it : some people like to play cricket, badminton , squash etc . as sports and games is increasing its popularity younger generation are taking their sports hobby ahead and upgrading their profile .

10.Cookaholics try your hand on amazing recipes: if you are passionate about cooking try your hand on some amazing recipes and enjoy it with your loved ones .

11.Reading Inspirational and knowledgeable Books: Reading is a good art. Many  of us have hobby of reading inspirational, books, novels etc. take out some time from your busy schedule and make reading a good hobby .

12.Learn New Dance Forms : we all like to dance on many rocking tunes , dance is something which makes us refresh , there are many dance forms nowadays we should learn different dance styles and enrich this hobby .

13.Listen to some good and refreshing music : music enlighten the heart and makes us refresh the whole day . listen to some good and refreshing music in your free time …

14.Blogging : many of us enjoy writing blogs as a hobby , create a page and write some interesting and amazing  blogs of your interest .

15.Gardening : save nature save earth, gardening is a good hobby to do free time .

Conclusion : as we have came to the conclusion in this article we have covered 15 part Time Hobbies which we should do in free Time to Upgrade and Enrich our profile . I hope these hobbies would add confidence level and fun at the same Time.