12 Paradoxical Situation That Will Rediscover Your Inner Self

“Some of the best things in life are for free”. Isn’t it true? It is not just true, it’s a paradox of life.

In definition, a paradox is a statement which seems to be insupportable or unreasonable, but in fact is true; the hard truth.

We live in a rational world where everything that we see, hear or listen is a fabrication of beliefs, science and simple logic. But certain things in life do not revolve around logic and high thinking. Once we start believing in something, the opposite of that just gets withdrawn. But, did you ever think that the contrasting facts can be the truth? Life is full of paradoxes. God, which is the ultimate binder of humanity remains till date the biggest question. The great thinker of the Renaissance era, Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “Is man a mistake of God’s? Or God a mistake of man”. Thousands of questions needs answers and science or reason alone cannot prove them right. Sometimes, certain paradoxes provide the greatest wisdom. It challenges the lucidity and reason. In the truest sense, paradox lies in the core of every man’s inner discovery.

But does that mean, paradox spearheads the end of rational thought process? The truth depicted to us by the intelligentsia is accepted without doubt, paradoxes does not end logic but question its candour (which is backed by science)

Can you guess what the biggest paradox of life is? It is death. The fact is, man is moving towards death but still strives to live as if there is no end. We try to relish that one bar of chocolate to its best still knowing that it will finish in no time. Agree?

Look at these real paradoxes of life (which I found to be true) which will make it hard to resist to think over. The more you look inside yourself deeper and deeper, the more you’ll relate to these.


1. If you’ll start looking for happiness, you’ll never find it.

The more you run towards finding happiness, the more it runs away from you. Strangely, it will come to you when you never expect it. Life goes by in pursuit of satisfaction and to understand the thing which gives you the greatest joy will come to you as a surprise.

2. We don’t value what we have until it's gone

The human mind just works that way. We never appreciate what we already have, and fight for it when it's gone. Probably because it's hard to imagine life without it and never think about its loss.

3. Best things in life are free of charge

We already live in a materialized world and therefore, we see everything as something that has value. The more valuable the more it costs. But, the beauty of nature, the smile on your child’s face and sun rays shining upon you are the best things that one can actually ask for and its free of charge.

4. Failure gives way to success

Perhaps you must have heard thousands of quotes here about trying harder and harder to succeed. Every success story has a number of failures first. There is no shortcut to it. You will succeed only once you have failed enough because, trying again and again gives you expertise in that field.

5. You think you know it all but you know nothing

We keep increasing our knowledge to reach the highest level but the more you find answers to things the more questions it ways out. One might know everything possible but still can’t answer the question of our existence, so one can never gain the ultimate knowledge.

6. The only thing that is constant is change

This one is very hard to get it but it is the ultimate truth. Things can’t remain the way it is, it will keep on changing and this, my friend, is constant and will keep happening.

7. You cannot make anybody like you even if you show your highest affection

The more you try to impress anyone the more they will drift away from you. Nobody wants to be tried hard upon, everybody wants to do their share of work to achieve something. Nothing is easy to get in life.

8. Having choices is stressing out

The one who has many doors open for them is the saddest of all. More choices, more difficult to choose from. Life should just go in one direction, isn’t it? Some truths you cannot avoid.

9. Don’t force to get ideas, it’ll come when you doing something else

Newton was not waiting for gravity to come to him or the apple to fall off. He was relaxing under the tree and Eureka! Don’t look hard for the Eureka moment, your ideas will come to you when you expect the least. My best ideas click when I am in the shower, what is your best time to think?

10. Telling the truth is the hardest thing to do

The kindergarten lesson: honesty is the best policy, but no one seems to have learnt it. We preach to speak the truth but no one ever does that. Not even the preacher. The world is opaque. It has more “fakeness” than clarity. Expectations are too high to stick to.

11. Run away from problems! They will come back every time

Don’t beat around the bush, try and solve it, it is easier. You try to avoid your problems they will still be waiting at your doorstep, banging louder each time. Every man has to carry his own burden.

12. Waiting will make you wait more

Stop gazing at that watch! The more you wait for something, the longer time it will take to come to you. So relax and calm down. Let life come to you at its own pace. Hurry can make you worry.