Happy 11th Birthday Wishes : 11th Wishes for 11-Year-Old Boy or Girl

Birthday wishes are a huge part of someone’s turning-a-year-older day and finding a perfect birthday wish for an Eleven – year old, can be a task sometimes. To make them feel special and loved, here’s a treasury of some wonderful messages that you can share with your loved ones and add more meaning to their celebration day.


  • A day of cheer, a day to celebrate, a new year to you; your 11th birthday. Striding towards your teens and away from being a kid, I hope you enjoy this new stage, for you cannot be 11 again. Happy Birthday.


  • Another year has come your way, this time 11 wishes are here to stay. A loving, heartiest blessing your way. May you achieve all you desire today and every single day. Happy birthday.


  • 11 calls for flying high to soaring heights. So make some wishes and let go of anything with-holding you from doing so. Happiest 11 wishes to you on your 11th.


  • 11 wishes are here to celebrate your 11th. May you enjoy every single day of your life and cherish every moment. Happiest birthday.


  • There’s no answer perfectly fitting as to why we love you. It’s just the person you are that makes you so special. So here’s wishing a special person a very special birthday.


  • Happiest birthday wishes to an exceptional person who is my friend. May you have all happiness and goodness in your life. Happy 11th.


  • On your birthday, I hope your life is filled with the sunshine of hope and moonlit joy. Have a wonderful birthday.


  • Birthdays are much more than getting a year older. It’s more about celebration, glamour, cakes, and candles, and some precious memories and gifts. And on your 11th I wish nothing less for you.


  • Happiest birthday to a gem of a person who deserves the best in the world. May you have a glamorous and glitter-filled birthday.


  • You’re a beautiful soul who brings beauty and wonder into everyone’s life. May you keep spreading the charm always. Here’s wishing you a happy happy birthday.


  • Here’s cheering to a bright future and wonderful memories yet to be created. Here are cheers to you and you turn 11.


  • May you have an abundance of love, wealth, health, family, and friends. Turning 11, jumping another milestone, there’s life waiting for you to make it happen. Happy birthday.


  • May you grow stronger, brighter, and exclusive. Here’s wishing the best for 11.


  • May you have a big, magnificent, and marvelous celebration to you turning 11. All birthdays are special and so is this one and more so because it’s you.


  • Let’s make 11 a grand one to remember, a couple of years to the teens, and here’s us, celebrating ourselves being kids forever. To a friendship too strong and never-ending love shared with you. Happy 11th to you.


Happy 11th Birthday Girl


  • A charming princess turns 11 today, with all that glitters is bound to be hers this day. You’re loved, you’re adored and you definitely are everyone’s doll. May this year bring to you fullness and hope to look forward to what awaits. Happiest birthday.


  • A happiest birthday greeting to a beautiful lady in making. Turning 11 is no less than a milestone in itself and I hope you get to enjoy it in the most wondrous ways possible. 


  • You’ve been a delight to have in one’s life. And now that you turn 11 today, everything is going to be a little more promising and fetching but I believe you’ll win all with how you’ve turned out this day. With all blessings, here’s wishing you the happiest 11th birthday.


  • Wishing a happy 11th birthday to the prettiest soul, may you achieve all that you desire and keep spreading the same happiness always. Enjoyable greetings your way.


  • To the little toes turning 11 today, not only do you grow but may you reach great heights as well. It is sure a special day for we’re celebrating you today. Happy birthday.


  • Your 11 calls for a nice life, an enriching future, charming dreams, and some wonderful people. May you get most and all you wish for, as you blow out your 11 candles.


  • A beautiful person deserves a beautiful wish, where everyone prays for your beautiful life. May you overcome all the hurdles that life brings your way and confide in the perfect self that you are. With 11, you grow a little more today, presenting yourself to the life ahead.


  • I’m so glad to be a part of your enchanting 11, you’re a marvelous being yourself and you bring freshness to everyone’s life. May you keep spreading the same bliss always.


  • May your birthday be filled with laughter, happiness, and delight and these are exactly what you bring to everyone’s life. Have the happiest birthday.


  • May your smile grow with each passing year, and here’s wishing you a happy 11th. May life bring the best to you and may you stay happy always. Happiest birthday.


  • A sweet birthday to everyone’s sweetheart. You elate the place you enter with your lovely vibes and may you continue to be your vibrant self always. Happy 11th birthday.


  • Have a wonderful day celebrating your 11th. You’re kind, loved, and cared. With all the glitters and golds, may you have the best of today and every other day.


  • May you be blessed on your birthday with a long life and wonderful family and friends, who look up for you every day. May you have the courage to grown into a kind person that you already instill. Have the happiest of 11th and enjoy every moment of it.


  • A heart as pure as yours deserves the best of all worlds. And as you turn 11 turn, wish 11 times love, prosperity, sensibility, and happiness to yourself and your family. Happy birthday.


  • May health and wealth be your guiding light, success your partner in crime, good luck, and fortune always by your side. May this 11th birthday bring more happiness in your life. Happy birthday.


  • Life as you call it can be a wonderful place, for I had a pleasure to be a part of yours, so here I wish to know you always. You make me smile a little brighter, love a little lighter, and enjoy the most of myself and not everyone has the ability to do that. I thank you for being my beautiful friend and I hope you have the best of your birthday today.


Happy 11th Birthday Boy


  • 11 calls for 11 stunts. Now that you turn 11, I wish for you to be the gentleman that you are and be kind and loving and caring to everyone as you’ve always been but with a tint of love more. Happiest 11th, showering all blessings onto you.


  • A little ball of joy turns 11 today, and this calls for many celebrations and love. With every year passing, you’ll grow in different ways. This year I wish for you to trace something you’ve been wishing secreting each day. Happiest birthday.


  • Sneaking towards the teeny years, you’ll outgrow these pre years unknowing soon. For this, I hope you get the best of your worry-less years and get the twirl of turning 11. Looking up to all the superheroes possibly manageable, I hope you have a flying ferocious, and thrilling 11th birthday.


  • Happiest birthday to a strong, courageous, and loyal person that I have in my life. I feel so blessed to have you. May you have an amazing birthday ahead.


  • Happy 11 to you, troublesome kind. May you keep creating wonderful memories with your humor and willingness towards maddening experiences.


  • It is a special day, for you’re turning 11 today. May you grow with the passing years into a handsome, diligent, and wonderful being. May all you wish for, you get. Sending all love your way.


  • Another milestone, a year passing by. So much to look forward to and have the best time of your life. May the heroes bring you strength and god all the blessings. May you be showered with love, always.


  • Sending lots of junk, chocolates, cakes and kisses, hugs, blessings, and wishes your way. Wishing you a happy happy birthday.


  • Yet another year is here for you, adventure awaits, so let’s celebrate your day. May you remember your 11th always. Have a splendid birthday.


  • On your 11th birthday, here’s wishing you luck, love, health, wealth, success, and happiness in abundance. Happiest birthday. Enjoy your day to the fullest.


  • Today is a special day, for it’s your birthday and you uncover another milestone. I’m sure there are wonderful things waiting for you ahead, just keep being your amazing self. Happiest 11th to you.


  • Time for a party, time for a special day, you’ll turn 11 in your life just this one day. May you be happy always and rejuvenate lives with your precious self. Happy happy birthday.


  • Happy birthday to a crazy, wondrous, fabulous, and amazing person. You are an amazing being and I wish you all the happiness in the world. May you keep mesmerizing more and more people around you with your charm.


  • I hope you know what a wonderful friend you have always been. Not only to me but to everyone. You deserve huge successes and everything positive in your life. May you get all and everything you desire. Happy 11th to you.


  • A teen soon, but today you turn 11, I hope you enjoy these years carefree and with a lot of memories to cherish, for you’ll only grow and look back to where you are today. I wish you the best of memories. Happiest 11th birthday.


  • A decade and year old. Look how much you’ve grown. With the passing years, I just wish you always keep the child within you intact. For that is a fun side everyone should have. Get big and happy with life. Happiest birthday.


Happy 11th Birthday Son


  • To see you grow with the passing years is a delight in itself. But sometimes I wish to turn back time and keep you to me forever, but this day as you turn eleven, you wish 10 and I’ll wish one, to hold you close this day and to ever. I wish you all the love, success and cherish to you this 11th and all the next ones to come.


  • You entered our lives as a wondrous ball of joy, a gift to us that we are now celebrating turning 11 years. Anything I wish for you would be less, for there’s no end to the love I hold for you. May you receive all glee and radiance and achieve everything you ever desire.


  • 11 years ago, we got you home. You lightened our world with your joyous smirk. This birthday, wishing you all the blessings to keep the smile intact and hoping for you to stay the same chirpy and a little less rebellious one that you are. Happiest 11 superhero. 


  • A father’s pride and a mother’s joy. You are our life and we love you the most. Keep growing and achieve wonders. Happiest birthday son.


  • I am grateful to have you in our lives. You sooth our heart with your laughter and merriment and you bring so much joy to our lives. Happiest birthday, son!


  • Looking back, I could say you’re the most wonderful thing I have in my life. You make me a mother and that is an incomparable joy. Thank you for coming into our lives. Happy 11th.


  • Today, as you turn eleven, I see time flying and I wish I could stop it for a while. For I wish to keep you close forever but seeing you grow is also a huge delight in itself. I hope you enjoy your day to the best, my child. Happy birthday.


  • Happiest birthday to my dapper son. I will always be proud of you and will be by your side, always. Happiest 11th birthday.


  • On your 11th birthday, I hope all your dreams and ambitions come true and you get success and happiness in your life. Happiest 11th, son!


  • Since the day you arrived in our life, you’ve made me nothing but happy and filled our lives with wonder and love. May you grow up to be a kind and sensible person and do the best you can for everyone. Happy 11th.


  • May your birthday be double the celebration of happiness that you are to us. May your wishes come through and you stay happy and content always. Happiest birthday son, wishing the best for you.


  • To have a marvelous son like you, is a blessing in itself. As you turn 11 today, may God put his choicest blessings onto you and guide you throughout your life.
  • Eleven years ago, we got a significant gift in the form of you. You’ve made our life abundant and ample. We could’ve not asked for any more happiness. Thank you for making us laugh a little louder and for giving us an opportunity to be your parents. Happiest 11th, love!


  • As you walk, you lighten the world. As you speak, you brighten the world. As you laugh, everything seems to be in joy. And when you dance, there’s no end to our merriment. You turning eleven makes me happy to the heart and with every passing day, I feel more proud of calling you, my child. Enjoy your 11th.


  • May the wishes you get today, bless you with the best. May the hugs warm your heart. May the gifts bring joy to you. May God bless you with all. Happy 11th birthday, my son.


  • You can be fun, you can be in trouble. You can be joyous, you can be an angry bird. But no matter what moods you bring to us, you’ll always be my loving child. May you have a wonderful birthday and get all you desire. Happiest birthday.


Happy 11th Birthday Grandson


  • To my pride and my world, here’s wishing you the happiest 11th birthday, my grandson. I love you and I want you to know that you bring joy to our lives and we’re all so proud of you.


  • You’re the source of delight in our lives, you lighten up our world with your loving actions and words. You make us happy with your enriching smile and I’m so blessed to have you as my grandchild. Happiest birthday, love!


  • My dearest child, you made us the happiest when you entered our lives 11 years back from today. Thank you for coming to us and enlightening our lives with your love, care, and sensibility. May God shower his choicest blessings on you and may you get everything you desire in your life. Happy birthday.


  • A loving grandson like you deserves the best in the world. May you get joy beyond compare and you have an amazing year ahead of you. Happy birthday.


  • As I grow old, I see you growing up as well, I want you to know that brings joy and happiness to me more than anything. I am blessed to have a grandson so charming to myself that I can call myself the luckiest person ever. Shine bright always and bring more happiness our way. Happiest 11, child.


  • To my favorite of all, may this birthday bring you health, wealth, and an abundance of success in your life. May you stay happy always and get everything you desire. Happy 11th birthday.


  • Happiest birthday to the most handsome, smart, and intelligent kid I’ve known. With the growing years may you keep getting smarter and stylish and winning everyone around you. Happy birthday.


  • In the long journey ahead of you, may God lead you the right way, and may you fulfill your goals and get the best in life. May you always be as princely as you are. Happiest birthday, our little prince.


  • Dearest grandson, life gave me a precious gift eleven years ago, in the form of you. I wish to walk by your side always and be there for you whenever you need me. You make me the happiest. Enjoy your 11th, and I’ll be right by your side to make it special.


  • You make life easy and fun, you bring light to our house and have been the reason for everyone’s joy. May you achieve all you desire and more. Wishing the best for you this birthday, my grandson.


  • Many many blessings your way this day, you rejuvenate our lives with love, grace, pleasure, and merriment. You’re everyone’s joy and hold a special place in all hearts. May you be blessed with the best. Happy 11th.


  • I consider myself blessed to have been able to spend my time with you this life, you’re my heart and joy, grace to the house, and sensibility to everyone’s heart. May you keep spreading joy everywhere you go. Happiest birthday.


  • Since the day you entered our lives, I feel my life to have been renewed. I love you and may you achieve the best and grow into a wonderful person. Happy birthday.


  • You’re so small and yet you cover my whole world. The cheer and pleasure you bring to us fulfill our lives and we’re blessed to have you in our lives. Happiest birthday dear grandson, all love to you.


  • You make me feel younger and so much more alive, I feel like a child when I’m sitting by your side. You add life to our lives and we’ll always be thankful to have you in our life. Happy birthday, God bless you.


  • It amazes me each day to see you grow and find your way. And as you celebrate your 11th birthday today, I thank god to have sent you to our home and giving us such joy in the form of you. Happy birthday grandson, we all love you the most.


Happy 11th Birthday Daughter


  • The most beautiful of all turns 11 today, and I cannot thank god enough to have got you in my life. You’re a ray of hope, sunshine in our lives, and watching you grow is bliss in itself. I wish nothing but more and more happiness for you each day. May you have the best of birthdays, darling.


  • Exceptional wishes for an exceptional daughter on her 11th birthday. This year is as special for us as any since you’ve come into our lives. You’ve turned out to be a pleasing person who is loved and adored by all. May your day be as special as you are. Lots of love to you dearest daughter.


  • With every passing year, I hope for you to attain more delicacy and charm in everything you do. With the passing years seeing you grow has been a source of joy and yet it the fleeting times which saddens me sometimes, for soon enough you’ll be my big, grown-up girl. I wish for you to enjoy your 11, a little more than life’s everyday blast. May you get joy like you bring in our lives.


  • Dearest daughter, you’re the sun that illuminates our lives, and I seek for you to keep shining like the wonderful person that you are always. You’ve made our lives better by being in it and you turning eleven is a celebration in itself for us. Wishing the best for you this birthday.


  • A special 11 for our special daughter. A token of love and appreciation for bringing joy and happiness to our world. You make the whole world around us beauteous. May you receive all love and blessings.


  • Anything claimed beautiful in this world would be less than a daughter’s birth. Going 11 years back from this day, I remember holding you wonderful bundle of joy in my arms and I knew that you had changed my life for the better and blessings by just being there. I feel blessed to have had such a charming daughter to myself. I couldn’t thank God any less.


  • Dear daughter, as you turn 11 today, we wish you acknowledge the fortune of relations and friends that you’ve acquired to yourself, by being who you are and making a difference in everyone’s life that celebrate you this day. Thankful to have you, darling. May you have your best day.


  • Having a daughter calls for welcoming happiness, love, dignity, and warmth in our homes. You stand intact to being each within our lives. We’re blessed to have a daughter like you to us and may you bring the same joy to everyone you meet. Happy 11th dearest darling.


  • The day you entered our lives, since the very day we’ve been wishing the best for you. But today, as you turn 11 and take another leap in your journey, we wish the double and more success and happiness to you. May you achieve all your desires


  • Not only a daughter, you’ve grown into my best friend. Sharing life and happiness and sorrows as well, you’ve been a shield to all my encountered winds. When you entered my life, it was a mother protecting you, but with passing years I feel you’ve grown to protect me too. Happiest birthday to my daughter and life.


  • Life brings to you every phase, and as of this birthday, I wish you get more success, less frustration, most happiness, and no sadness at all. I hope to see your chirping self always. Happiest 11th


  • On your 11th, I want you to know that no matter how much you grow up, you will always be my little princess, who entered my life and made it more gracious. Happiest birthday, princess.


  • You’re all things sweet, some sour but everything good. You’re the chocolate to a saddened soul, a little sour when needed of all, happiness and joy ooze out of you and keeps spreading love like you always do. Happiest 11th, doll.


  • 11 years back when we first held you as our little angel, we knew you were something special. Now that we see you growing into a beautiful grown-up girl, it brings delight to our lives seeing you this way. May you grow up into a sensible and kind being. Happiest birthday.


  • You are the most graceful gift that God has given to us. On your 11th, may he shower his blessings onto you abundantly and fills your heart with happiness.


  • A father’s pride, a mother’s joy, everyone’s little angel, growing 11 today. May you be guided by the brightest light of god and instill every good that is to get from life.


Happy 11th Birthday Quotes


  • 11 years bring 11 gifts, one for joy another for bliss, some for prosperity, some for integrity, some for you; just as you’re a precious one to your family. Happy 11th.


  • Not a milestone but equally special, I hope you have a blast this birthday as ever. For you turn 11 this day and you’ll only grow out of it, I wish for you to take as much bliss as it gives. Happy 11th birthday.


  • Turning 11 can be winsome, for it calls for elegance, grace, and taste. You get a step closer to making your own way, a little more sense to know the right lane, may you be showered with the wondrous of blessings this day, for you’ll never be 11 again as for this day.


  • A car of hugs, a train full of kisses with a ship sailing your way with the best of birthday wishes. Here’s wishing you triumph in your life and love.


  • Here’s to living life to the fullest and celebrating it even bigger. 11 calls for a blast. So here’s wishing you the heartiest birthday.


  • This 11th may just be turning you into all that sparkles and spreads glitter all over the place. Beware for you’d be perfect for something like that.


  • The big day is here, so let’s celebrate you and you turning a year older. May you achieve a wondrous brain and a sensible arena as you mature a little. Happy 11th.


  • You make me happy, you make me laugh, you’re a joy in yourself and a whole world in itself. May you always be full, of love, life, and everything bright. Happy birthday.


  • As soothing as clear water, as soft as spring’s breeze, here’s wishing you a beautiful birthday, for you to bloom into a beautiful being.


  • You’re a ray of hope to many, a source of joy to everyone. May you fulfill your destiny, make 11 a special one.


  • Life is not about how many birthday’s you celebrate. It’s more of how you live each day. May 11 bring you more memories to cherish and a wonderful experience to live by each day.


  • Birthdays come and go but it is friends like you who are always cherished deep down in our hearts. May you bring joy to all and many, like you do to us. Happiest 11th.


  • Dreams. Wishes. Blessings. Gracious goodness. Birthdays call for everything loved and you, my darling, are all about it. So may your birthday be defined by who you are.


  • From spending time with you, to soaring high with delighted spirits, its friends like you who should be celebrated. Today I celebrate you turning 11 and looking forward to celebrating many more with you, my friend.


  • As your birthday is here, and you turn 11 today, here’s cheering to you being the same chirpy bird that you’ve always been, bringing delight and beauty into our lives. Happy birthday.


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