10 Fun and Interesting Christmas Stories to Enjoy

Christmas time is the most beautiful Time of the Year. it’ s the time to have fun and celebration . all the houses are decorated with a Christmas tree, Jingle bells, candles, pom -pom balls, stars, cakes are prepared, lamps are lighted up and everybody have fun. There are great Christmas stories to enjoy .as it is holiday time everyone loves listening to some amazing Christmas stories. In this article, I have highlighted 10 fun and interesting Christmas Stories to enjoy. Let’s begin with the First One.

                                                   10 Fun and Interesting Christmas Stories

  1. Little Piccola:  This is a beautiful Christmas story of a little girl name Piccola written by Nora .A. Smith. once upon a time there was a little girl who used to live in Italy where oranges grow and the sun shines warm and bright all year. Everyone in the town thought Piccola is a strange name, but for her mother, it is one of the sweetest names girls could have. Piccola was living with her mother as she had no father, no brother, no sister, no toys to play with as they were poor, and to earn living her mother use to wash clothes, utensils in other people's houses. The little poor girl had nothing to play except a heap of stones in the backyard that is used for building houses but there was a very little hole in the stone wall at the back of the yard the little girl use to see the neighbors garden by standing on the stone, smelling the sweet flowers, looking at the green grass. she did not saw anyone walking in the garden. a few years later. one fine day in autumn her mother told that the old gentleman had rented his house to a group of little American children, Piccola was happy again and thought she is not alone, at first no one was speaking to her but a few days later a girl spoke to her and found that she was lonely and has no one to play with her, the children offered her fruits and candies. thinking of her as a sweet child they let her enter the garden, she wore the best dress that day . after few days December came and it was time for Christmas .the little children asked Piccola what she wants for Christmas present, the little girl said what is that, all the children began laughing at her but she knew on the Christmas day the Santa Claus comes and everyone goes to church . and finally Christmas came and everyone was excited everyone decorated the house and waiting for the Santa to came and give them the present . the little girl too was happy. she placed her wooden shoes near the small hole so that Santa can put the present inside it, they all went to sleep the next morning she ran to see what’s the Santa present for her. she was happy seeing the bird and showed to all the children and her mother. the children gave the cage for her bird and saved little candies for her to gift on Christmas, she was the happiest girl on that day in the whole of Italy. 

2The gift of the Magi: another exciting Christmas story is the gift of magi written by O Henry . this is a beautiful story of a young husband and wife. it was time for Christmas eve and only one day was left. the wife named Della wanted to purchase a Christmas gift for her husband James. but they were suffering from shortage of money. she sold her hair to a nearby hairdresser for around $20, she found platinum pocket watch chain for Jim’s watch. Jim too wanted to present her Christmas gift so he sold his watch to buy ornamental combs for her . this story actually shows how far both can go to find the perfect gift for each other . it expressed their sacrificial and priceless love for each other. 

3.Christmas party : this is a beautiful Christmas story from the apple dumpling. once upon a time there was a couple Mr . Percy and Mrs Percy they had seven grandchildren all were very pretty and very good. but the children did not have the same father and mother. their eldest son had three children. one fine day the children and their parents were invited for a Christmas dinner with their grandma. finally, the Christmas day came the sun was shining bright in the sky. All the children were dressed up in nice clothes and everyone was excited to wish merry Christmas to their grandparents.  soon the bell rang and it was the time for Christmas dinner. everything on the table was set perfectly, the fire burnt brightly, the curtains were drawn close and the table cloth was shining . all were enjoying their dinner. the children left their appetite for the dessert at the end, after the dinner was over they all enjoyed the games as well. then came the Christmas surprise all the children went upstairs in the drawing-room and they saw a large table was covered with red cloth. the children were excited to see what was inside the table as their grandpa removed the red cloth they saw the little brick-red house . all the children were gifted amazing gifts, beautiful books, dolls, and the most exciting part was who was getting the little brick-red house there was a sticker in which little girl Sarah name was written . all got happy. they danced looked at their presents and ended the joyous Christmas.

4.The Little Match Girl : this is Another interesting Christmas story written by Hans Christian Anderson about a poor little girl. A long time back it was terribly cold and dark . she wore slippers when she left home, the good thing about those slippers was her mother use to wear it. The poor little girl had nothing to eat and the cold was becoming terrible. The flakes of snow covered her long beautiful hair, after a very long journey she got tried  sat and cowered together. she got colder and her little hands got covered with snow, the poor little girl has not sold her matches and had no money to go back home. but after a few minutes, she took out one match from the bundle it was warm, bright flame like the candle. It was like some magic was taking place she burnt another match, she was now sitting under large Christmas tree . after some time it was another match burnt and with such an expression of love there stood grandmother, now she did not want the grandmother to go as the match was burning fast she started rubbing all the matches and everywhere there was light bright and beautiful , the grandmother took her on her arms after which she was not suffering from cold, hunger as she was with God. 

5.The Boy with the Box: another interesting Christmas story comes is the Boy with the box written by Mary Griggs. It was a bright Christmas day, the sun was shining but the air was a little crisp and cold. All the girls were dressed in gay Caps and the boys with sweaters and Mackinaws . There was a boy named Tom Reynolds wearing a cap on his curly head and his brown eyes shining with Excitement. He loves the game of skating on jolly ramblers.

6.The Elves and the Shoemaker : This is another Classic Christmas Fairy Tale written by Brothers Grimm. This story is about Two Elves who helped a Poor Shoemaker. The shoemaker lived with his wife in a small town, he was poor and had no money and nothing to eat, the only thing he had was some leather left to make one pair of shoes. one fine evening he had cut the leather to make a pair of shoes and prayed God for the good day ahead. the next day he found a beautiful pair of shoes and sold them for a good price. this continued for many days and the shoemaker and his wife became rich, they wanted to thank and express their warm gratitude to the helpers behind it .in order to present them something they gifted clothes to the little elves. The elves were happy to receive it and shoemaker was now living a better life. this story teaches us that hard work always praises. 

7.The Little Christmas Tree: now comes the story of a little Christmas tree who was not happy and was ashamed of its height and size, people use to admire only big trees, one day all the big trees were chopped down to construct the ship except the little tree as it was very small to be chopped. days went by and one fine day one sparrow came near the little tree and told that the big trees would be used for Christmas decoration on listening to this the little tree also wanted to get decorated for Christmas. it was the day of Christmas and finally, the little tree was taken to the house and was decorated with candles, pom pom, stars, little baskets of candy, etc. all admired the tree. The next day the tree was taken back  to the storeroom. it became sad and lonely, the tree was not pretty again as little mice use to Rome around the tree. one day the little boy came and took the tree to the forest and replanted it once again . the tree was happy again and every year on Christmas it was decorated with great vigor. 

8.Santa’s Christmas: this is a beautiful and loving Christmas Story. Every year Christmas comes so do Santa. celebrations take place, homes are decorated and everyone enjoys this festival. one fine year Santa was not able to come for Christmas and give his love, blessings, and gifts to the children. he was sad and was worried about his little children won’t be able to receive gifts this year. as he was lying on the bed he saw the reindeer was coming carrying the long train of sleds in which children were present . all the little children were carrying gifts for Santa this year as they got to know papa Santa got ill. There was a teddy bear, cookies, quilt, pies, books, and a small pretty Christmas tree. Santa was very happy receiving gifts from the children and expressed his love and gratitude towards them by hugging them and wished them Merry Christmas.

9. The Legend of the Christmas Rose: Another exciting Christmas Story is the legend of the Christmas Rose. it was cold Christmas night, everyone was excited and came to see their savior and presented him with gifts and love. The three wise men came and presented the baby Jesus valuable gifts like myrrh, gold, etc. all this was valuable. one day a shepherd maiden also came to see baby Jesus but she was poor and had nothing to give gift to the child. she was in the search of the blooming flowers all over the country but was not able to find a single blooming plant in this cold Christmas. she was helpless and waited outside the door and admired the child. an angel saw this poor maiden and helped her to get the blooming flowers. The winter roses came with pink tipped petals . an angel told the maiden these blooming flowers are more costly than those valuable gifts, she got happy and presented these flowers to the little infant. the baby Jesus smiled at her with great satisfaction and gratitude. 

10.The Three Kings:  This is the last Christmas Story of this article written by Henry Longfellow about three wise men. The Three Kings named Melchior, Gaspar, and Baltasar. They all came riding from far away. all the three kings travelled by night and slept by day. they all looked up in the sky and the stars were shining brightly . their caskets were of gold with golden keys, robes were of crimson silk, turbans like Blossoming almond trees . all the three kings rode in the west over the hill and the dell. they now pass through Jerusalem and asked the wise man to bring tidings of the new king. the three kings eroded through the gate and the guard but the windows were closed and the doors were barred .they now laid their offerings to the kings the myrrh, sweets, etc. as they are now on their way to return back home . all the three kings ride out of the city gate, with great proud they return to their homes by another way. 

Conclusion: as we are on our conclusion, To Sum up this article, we have seen 10 Fun and Interesting Christmas stories. I Hope these stories would add Fun and Magic to the Christmas Eve and everyone would enjoy with their friends and families.