10 Foolproof Travel Hacks for Solo Adventurers

Solo Adventures

Travelling with friends and family is so much fun, but, travelling solo is an out of the world experience. Imagine a trip to the world’s best places with freedom to do whatever you can, and encountering life changing experiences. Travelling alone is a fascinating experience but, it does get some challenges with it, especially for women. But, a well-planned and well stocked travel is just the right thing to do for a safe and secure travel experience.

Travelling with thoughts of terrifying experiences in mind is passé now. Women are more independent and geared up for any hindrances on their path. Daring women out there who need the right advice on your trip, stocking up a few gadgets to your travel trousseau is just what you need. So, put on your travelling pants and get these awesome travel hacks.

1. Hooded scarf for unexpected showers

For the adventurous trekkers, this one’s a keep. A waterproof scarf attached with a hood (which can be pocketed inside the scarf) keeps you ever-ready for any sudden rains that may spoil your trip. Better than an umbrella, this scarf is easy to carry and can hold your credit cards and other important cards in the pockets attached in it. You also won't need any unnecessary help from strangers and you are self-sufficient.

2. Suitcase that will keep you connected to your world

This hard bodied suitcase will keep you connected to your world just all the time. It features a removable power bank to make your phone never run out of battery plus, a TSA approved lock to keep you bother free while you are busy plus, a Bluetooth tracker so that your suitcase knows your whereabouts in case you detach with it. It can find your phone by ringing, when you press the tile button, even if the phone is on silent mode. Isn’t it a have it all luggage?

3. A cool handy flashlight

Flashlight is probably the first thing you stock into your luggage if you're on an adventure. Sometimes you skip it, if your phone has one of the option. Instead of carrying a bulky flashlight or depending on your phone (in case the battery runs out), this cool pen size gadget will do it all. Light weighted and pen size small can be easily carried around through your adventuring.

4. Handy alarm for your “Safety comes first”

For when you feel a threat and when you feel a dicey follower behind you, this keychain alarm will get you out. This key chain alarm is capable of making a loud annoying alarm enough to panic the follower and attract a nearby crowd. Just the thing for women travelers. 

5. Water bag to keep you hydrated

Long journeys and endless roads makes you exhausted. Sometimes, it is difficult to find water in unknown long routes. This water bag can carry up to 17 ounces of water and has a straw attached to give you feasibility to sip on.

6. Water purifying pods on the go

Especially, when you travelling in Africa, a clean water supply is a hard on getter. These Gopure pods are handy and can purify any kind of water from lead, chlorine and chromium. It is much easier than piling up water bottles, which are big environment turn offs.

7. Wrist wraps for lighting the path

If you are a passionate runner and love to travel by walking, this gadget will secure you all the way. These wrap around light for your wrist can shed high beam light guiding you all through the way in dark. Sunset and sunrise are a no-miss with this cool device.

8. A has-it-all Trendy backpack

Rather than carrying a heavy bulky backpack, this 25 kg backpack will ease your travel. It features a slash proof fabric, gets lock fitted to your chair when you are dining and zipper with hook shut. It will fit everything that you need very tactfully, ignoring any attention from petty thieves.

9. Power bank for emergency power dearth

I found this gadget to be the coolest of them all. Battery troubles is amazingly handled by this magical power bank. This portable device attaches to the back of your phone magnetically and charges up to the full capacity. How stylish! Isn’t this one a must buy?

10. Cell phone holder with pockets

A cell phone is a must essential device for your safe and secure travel. It is very important for you to stay connected with family and friends, in case in times of need. Dropping of phone and theft are quite common among the travellers. It is one of the traveler phobia. This multi-useful holder can safeguard your cell phone as well as keep the credit cards safely in its compact wallet area. Also, you can slide your hands in the pockets to have a firm grip of your phone.