10 Best Sex Toys a Couple Must Own

Sex toys are used not only by single individuals to aid them during masturbation but also by couples to spice up their intimate moments. Sometimes, sex toys are also used for medical purposes, such as sexual dysfunction.


Sex toy use for couples during intercourse has been a trend nowadays. Not only to same-sex partners but also heterosexual couples. There are many sex toys available to choose from, and it is important to know what is the best amongst these sex toys so that you know what to purchase.


Adding creativity on your sex life would revive the excitement and fun you and your partner felt the first time you did it. Many sex toys manufacturers are already selling sex toys made for couples that both parties can use and enjoy. Here are the top 10 sex toys you and your partner need to try during your intimate moments.


We-Vibe Sync

The pioneer of couples vibrator and still the leading couple sex toy of today, the We-vibe Sync can be worn during penetration, thus giving both partners pleasure during sex. This vibrator is not only pleasurable for women but also for men.


Men can also enjoy watching their partner reach orgasm with the remote and can use it to control the toy. The We-vibe Sync comes in an adjustable angle that makes it user-friendly. You can adjust it anytime to make you more comfortable.


Partner Multifun 1 Vibrator

The Partner Multifun 1 Vibrator is a multifunctional sex toy that acts as a cock ring, a G-spot stimulator, and clit vibrator all in one. It is waterproof and is made of silicone with a magnetic charging cable. This is the type of sex toy that you and your partner will surely love.


The box of this multifunctional vibrator also comes with an instruction on how you and your partner can use it. The instruction claims there are more than 14 ways you can use the vibrator to experience the pleasure it can give entirely.


Lelo Tor 2

Manufactured by a luxury sex toy company, Lelo, the Lelo Tor 2 can be slipped onto your partner's penis or on a dildo. If you are a single lady who happens to have a collection of dildos, you can slip it right in and use it as a vibrator. It can be used both inside and out.


You can also use the Lelo Tor 2 as a clit vibrator during penetrative sex or as a finger vibrator. The possibilities are endless, so be creative and experiment with the toy. Explore new ways to use it as long as it is pleasurable for you and your partner.


Jimmyjane Iconic Bullet One Touch Vibrator

This small pocket-size vibrator can give you a big orgasm. The iconic bullet vibrator is manufactured by one of the high-quality sex toy company, Jimmyjane. With its compact design, you can slip it right in your pocket and carry it with you.


LOVENSE Osci 2 G-Spot Vibrator

Lovense Osci 2 stimulates your G-spot to give you pleasure. It also has the ability to move back and forth for a more sensual effect. This characteristic made it one of the best sex toys, especially for couples in long-distance relationships.


Even when your partner is away, he can control the vibrator through an app. He can watch you as you orgasm, and even change the toy's intensity if he wishes, making it more fun and exciting for both of you.


Lelo Soraya

Lelo Soraya has a sleek design suitable for partners who want to look good while doing it. The toys give internal G-spot and external clit pleasure. Its eye-catching structural design won an award in 2011 as the most innovative sex toy.

With its design, you can leave it as a decorative piece in your bedroom or bathroom. Choosing this vibrator will be worth your money as it will surely give you intense vibrating pleasure.


Minna Limon

If you do not want the Sync's complicated design, the Minna Limon will be a great alternative. Minna Limon is a small vibrator increases intensity as you squeeze. If you want a more intense experience, squeeze your Limon harder, and it will give you the pleasure you need.


The Ohare Double Vibrating Rabbit Cock Ring

This sex toy is made just for couples. It is a bullet vibrator with built-in rabbit ears and cock ring in one. The rabbit ears will give women pleasure by massaging the most sensitive area. The ring, on the other hand, gives a buzz into the base of the penis that gives both partners a sensation.


Womanizer Red Duo Rechargeable G-Spot and Clitoral Stimulator

One of the most expensive stimulators available in the market, this sex toy can give you a nerve-wracking orgasm that will give worth to the price. The womanizer is very good at doing its job, and many are still purchasing it despite its high price.


Eva II Vibrator

The designer of this toy created this for couples to enhance their sex life. Its function is like a cock ring, but the woman wears it instead of the man. It is small and light but will give you and your partner the pleasure and fun in bed.


Sex Toys for Your Sex Life

Every couple can be very creative when it comes to sex. Other use costumes for role-playing, while others use sex toys to enhance the pleasure they experience. There are more sex toys for singles and couples available at Bellesa Boutique, where you and your partner can shop together.

Shopping for sex toys can be fun and sexy. You can bond together as you browse the website and search for toys that fit your lifestyle. Both of you must agree on what toy to use as it is the two of you who will be involved.



Every sex toy has its use and benefits. Given the top 10 best sex toys amongst many, it is still important that you choose a toy based on your desire and needs. If you are not comfortable with a certain sex toy, you can purchase instead what you think can give you the best experience.